What Is A Cuckold Sex Date


Cuckold Sex Date 

Make sure you understand the various terminology used.

We often see people asking what is the difference between a one night stand and a fuck buddy or a no strings sex date and a friend with benefits. The truth in reality is there is no difference. An f-buddy and a sex date are basically the same thing - you meet someone for sex without the stigma of being a boyfriend and girlfriend. There are dedicated sites out there for married sex dates and unfaithful adults however, if you are married why limit yourself to only finding a member of the opposite sex who is in the same situation?

The only two terms you need to really be aware of are swingers and cuckold dates. Most of us know what swingers are and we have included a brief explanation below for those who are unsure but do you know what a cuckold date is? Cuckold is an old English term to describe an adulterous wife. In modern English it refers to a fetish term relating to a guy who gains sexual satisfaction from watching his wife having sex with another man referred to as the BULL.

The female or the wife is often referred to as the HOTWIFE, she takes on a dominant role with her husband being the submissive, she will tease and deny him access to her before having sex with another man (the Bull) usually in front of her submissive husband but not always. Occasionally the hotwife may seek sex away from her husband while he is left at home tied up and wondering when she will return. Depending on the situation the husband may be allowed to relieve himself while watching his wife getting nailed but he never gets involved it does not turn into a threesome.

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Below are a few very commonly used terms in members profiles. It isn't set in stone what they actually mean, it might be that the member is unsure what they mean themselves so always use your own judgment in determining what is on offer.

  • Fuck buddy - Someone you have got to know and have become friends with and who is there for you when you need sex. Someone who will not get jealous of you enjoying sex with others. A person you can get in touch with and say do you fancy a shag tonight.

  • Fuck buddies - If someone states that they are seeking a fuck buddy and another person states the plural fuck buddies it doesn't mean that they are going to remain faithful to just the one person.

  • Fuck date - exactly the same as above.

  • No strings attached - NSA dating is exactly the same as a fuck buddy, sex without any commitments or promises to one another.

  • Swingers - You automatically think parties and orgies but it is not always the case. Couples who enjoy wife swapping, couples seeking a 3rd person to join in and couples who lead an open lifestyle knowing that their partner has sex with other people all slot into this category.

  • Cuckold - A woman who gets enjoyment out of having sex with another man with her husbands knowledge, usually in front of him (the husband) making him feel inadequate. The husband gets just as much pleasure (well not quite) watching another man banging his wife. Sometimes when the lover or BULL has left the husband will be offered sloppy seconds or the chance to 'clean' up the mess.

  • Discreet sex date - Usually means that the person requesting this has a partner who doesn't know it might be that they are single and wish for an assurance that your meeting will be kept confidential maybe due to their job or status in society.

  • MBM or MBW - Married black man or married black woman.

  • B/W or M/R - Between black and white or mixed race.

  • MWM or MWF - Married white man or married white female.

  • MM or MW - Married man or married woman.

  • FSM or MSF - Female seeking male or male seeking female.

  • Vas-Safe - Vasectomy safe.

  • D and D Free - Drug and disease free.

  • BBW - Big beautiful woman.

  • NS - Non smoker.

  • MC - Married couple.

  • WLTM - Would like to meet.

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Avoid using the term "One night stand". This is the term used for when you pick someone up in a club or bar, usually with someone you regret sleeping with the following day when the alcohol has worn off and usually with someone you never want to see again.

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Cuckold Sex Date 

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Cuckold Sex

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